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Abortion Hurts!

        The "National Memorial for the Unborn" in Chattanooga, Tennessee stands where an abortion clinic once stood. It is a place for mothers to honor their aborted babies. It is also a constant reminder of the lingering pain of abortion.

        In the July 2006 issue of Think, we are introduced to a woman named Nancy Carmel, who chose to abort her baby years ago. She said that "women undergoing abortion have no idea what suffering they will encounter after the abortion, and daily for the rest of their lives, when it suddenly dawns on them that they chose to extinguish a precious life." She goes on to say that the guilt of killing your child "eats away at your soul continually, like a ravenous cancer, causing one to pray for a quick demise." The pain is only intensified by thoughts of what the child would be like. She says, "You will always wonder if the fetus was male or female, what he or she would look like. Yearly, you will mournfully recall the day your baby was ripped from your body, only to be carelessly tossed into a garbage pail at your side."

        Elaine Rotondo had two abortions before giving birth to three daughters. In the January 1990 issue of Decision, she spoke of the pain she suddenly felt years after the abortions. She explained, "But driving home from the supermarket one afternoon, I found myself thinking about two other children from my past. Those two I had never fussed over. In fact, I had tried to forget them entirely. Before now I had not even called them children. I had called them abortions." She recalled pulling her car to the shoulder of the road and wondering how old they would be and what color eyes they would have. Elaine continued, "I fought off the sickening reality that was rising in my mind. The full impact of what I had done so many years before was finally upon me. 'They were alive,' I said out loud. 'They were children!'" For the first time, she acknowledged that she had taken the lives of her children and "cried out to the tiny souls who never had felt their mother's arms." She "longed for them" and "wept for a long time" wishing that the very mountains would cover her and hide the guilt.

        Statistics show that many women suffer significant psychological pain after an abortion. Feelings of guilt, anger, depression, grief, regret, sorrow, shame, loneliness, etc. have all been reported. There is also evidence that suggests an increased risk of miscarriages, premature births, bleeding, and breast cancer in women who have had an abortion.

        Although the actual procedure may be done in a relatively short time, the lingering pain of abortion often lasts a lifetime. Abortion hurts!
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