Friday, February 25, 2011

The Insanity of Abortion

        In the November 2004 edition of Harper's Magazine, Cynthia Gorney wrote an article entitled "Gambling with abortion: Why both sides think they have everything to lose." It states that the late Dr. James McMahon of Los Angeles "had made a speciality of performing late intacts and then bringing the fetuses to women who had asked to see them." His widow, Gale McMahon, told Gorney, "Having it intact was a goal, so they could do that, and have this closure." She then went on to say, "I knew what it meant to these women, to be able to hold them, and be able to coo over them and say goodbye. It was profound. I got material, and sewed little tiny sheaths, and we got tiny hats we could dress them in. I would put them on a clean cloth, and I would swathe them. Many women spent hours in there, and showed them to their other children. It was always treating the babies with the respect the parents would want them to."
        What! Here are mothers who kill their babies and then want to "hold them" and "coo over them." Just moments after the abortion they dress the baby up and show it to their other children. And what is this talk about treating the baby with "respect?"

        An article by John Hooper entitled "Italian police to investigate abortion of wrong twin" states that doctors in Italy killed the wrong baby during an abortion. The twins had changed places in the womb just before the procedure. The mother returned to the hospital to have the remaining baby aborted and then reported the doctors to police. The same article states that a baby was aborted during the 22nd week of pregnancy at a hospital in Florence "because of suspected deformities." However, when it was discovered that the baby was not deformed "it was rescuscitated and survived for a brief period."

        An abortionist in Philadelphia was charged with severing the spinal cords of babies that were born alive. He is suspected of "killing hundreds of living babies" over the course of his 30-year practice. Tammy Skinner was full-term when she shot herself in the stomach to abort her child in Virginia. Since she technically did not "kill the fetus of another," as the law states, the case was dismissed. A couple in Australia aborted twin boys because they want a baby girl. "Gendercide" is literally taking place in parts of China and India. With lists like this, insanity may be an understatement!
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