Friday, February 25, 2011

"Jane Roe" Speaks Candidly

        Norma McCorvey was the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. She was pregnant with her third child when she filed suit challenging Texas state law prohibiting abortion. She was represented by Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, two activist lawyers. They were looking for someone with whom they could challenge state law on abortion when they met McCorvey.

        The case eventually made its way to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, McCorvey gave birth to the child and put her up for adoption. The Court finally ruled on her case in January 1973. It was a decision that shook the moral foundations of this nation.

        Norma McCorvey is now pro-life and works tirelessly to reverse the Court's decision. Sandra Cano, the plaintiff in Doe v. Bolton, is also pro-life. It is remarkable that "Jane Roe" and "Mary Doe" are now opposed to the decisions they helped secure. For that, I am thankful.

        In an interview with Brad Harrub and Jim Palmer in the July 2006 issue of Think, McCorvey talked about how she became "Jane Roe" and other experiences, including her experiences at an abortion clinic. She recalled asking a woman how many times she had ended a pregnancy by abortion. The woman replied, "Oh seven or eight, who counts?" McCorvey also remembered a woman who came for an abortion because the baby was not the sex she wanted. "I had another woman who came into a doctor's office. She said she had had some sort of test and she found out she was going to have a little girl and she wanted a little boy. So why have the baby at all?"

        McCorvey also described what happened to the bodies after an abortion. She said, "We had a truck that would come once a week. And they would take arms, and legs, and heads, and torsos. Sometimes someone would think they were doing something really funny and put all the hands together, all the feet together, all the legs together, or all the heads together. This was a very sick guy... I've seen children's tiny little bodies cut up and sloughed on the floor like cord wood. And the stench was awful."

        From the above interview, we once again see the grim truth about what really takes place at abortion clinics. Abortions are used for birth control and gender selection. Then the bodies of innocent children are discarded carelessly.

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